Profile: DHS football senior, wide receiver Shea Anderson is an asset

Here’s our interview with our very own football player, Shea Anderson.

Shea Anderson (Dixie Flyer Flash)
Shea Anderson celebrates after scoring a touch down. Courtesy of St. George News
Shea Anderson (4) photo by Doug Wach,

In his own words, most people have been expecting Dixie High School football player Shea Anderson to experience a downfall coming into his senior year of high school, but that doesn’t seem to be what’s gonna happen.

This is his final year and he has to make a big name for himself this year and show out, he said.

And he did, winning Friday’s game against Pine View High School 42-20 and scoring two touchdowns and running 162 total yards to a packed crowd.

Anderson is the shortest wide receiver with a whole lot of heart. He can be crafty, has great speed and uses his height as an advantage.

He’s at best when he gets the ball into the open field and has a one-on-one situation. He’s also great at running shorter routes because he can stop on a dime quickly and makes cuts quickly.

He’s been holding up his end this year so far so hopefully he can take him to state and they win it all.

So far he has 162 yards, he averages about five yards per catch, he has 11 touchdowns, he has three tackles, one rushing touchdown, and his total yards per game is 27.

Anderson said at the homecoming game, “they had a lot of confidence coming into the game and that they practiced hard that week leading up to the game.”