Bomb Squad and Pep Band pump up the energy at Dixie High games

The groups have a tight camaraderie and are enthusiastic despite COVID.

Do you like watching high school sports? 

Well, Dixie High School home games are the most attended sports in the region, according to the Bomb Squad Members. 

Some students at Dixie go with friends to games and participate in the student section. 

The student section is run by the Bomb Squad, which is the pep club for Dixie. A lot of Dixie students are in Pep Band.

“Going to home games is only fun for me if I go with friends,” said Carleigh Bringhurst. 

Most of the Pep Band students get together and do something fun before and after home games. Some students go get ice cream after or just grab a bite of food. 

“It is pretty fun to be surrounded by people I know, and it’s very enjoyable and can get very intense out on the field,” said Kaylee Syphus, who plays the bass clarinet. “Most of the band goes to Iceberg after the games whether we win or lose.” 

The student section can get hype at the right moments. The Bomb Squad said the school has  many traditions that have been passed down for years since 1911, when the school first opened up to the public. 

Some traditions that are fun for most students include singing the fight song and cheering, the Bomb Squad said. 

The fight song is a favorite and a majority of the students at Dixie know the song by heart, as evident by the roar of the crowd at the game. 

If you like to watch high school sports but don’t want to go out into crowds, games are now broadcast because of the COVID pandemic.

Because all the games are broadcasted, people can enjoy them from their homes and can hear what all the reporters are saying and see all the calls being made. 

Though, many students at Dixie still watch games from the stands so they can be with their friends.