Opinion: Devious Licks tormenting high schools

TikTok trend called “Devious Licks” takes the internet and school property by storm.


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Devious Licks TikTok Trend

Walt Brook Stadium was site of a potential “devious lick” (Osmar Vasquez)

Have you ever walked in the bathroom and seen a soap dispenser missing?

One of this generation’s TikTok trends is called the “Devious Lick”, where students video themselves stealing things from their school bathrooms, classrooms and various other places, which has upset the school staff and plans to punish the students.

This Devious Licks trend started when a Cumberland County, New Jersey student posted a video on a world-widely used app, TikTok, where he stole many surgical masks from his class and stated in his caption, “A month into school absolutely devious lick. Should’ve brought a mask from home.” 

This video inspired many students across the world to see what is the best thing they could steal from school and get away with it.

Schools across the country have resorted to only letting students use the office bathrooms to prevent them from stealing more school property.

Murray High School is punishing all their students by making them pay $5 to enter their football games starting October 7.

Dixie High Schools Junior Class President, Peyton Abbott, stated “With harsh punishments in line, kids would stop doing it” Peyton later states that at first it may seem like a funny trend but students shouldn’t be doing these devious licks in school. 

Both the school’s resource officer, Officer McRae, and vice principal, Mr. Christensen, said that “The problem comes from the fact that the kids don’t realize how bad this trend is and that they keep doing it.”

We will never know how much time this trend will take to die down but as time passes, tiktok will move onto another trend and we hope it won’t be anything bad.