Opinion: ‘COVID was a life changer’ – Thoughts about the pandemic and Dixie High School

Here’s what I think about how the pandemic has impacted our high school:


With quarantine, everyone was on lockdown and school was online making it hard to pass with adjusting to the new circumstances.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that’s been going on for almost two years. Over 4.5 million people have died from this virus and over 200 million have been infected with the virus, according to the CDC(?).

Dixie High School, along with all the schools in the country, had a mask mandate from August to almost the end of the last school year.

Lots of kids didn’t want to wear one, including myself.

We also couldn’t do the stuff we used to do before COVID like assembly’s, group meetings and other stuff like that.

We were so lucky though to even be in school. It seemed like everyone was online still.

During the pandemic I experienced things I’ve never experienced before and I learned so much.

I know everyone can agree with me when I say COVID was a life changer.

DHS not only let us come to school, but they did their best in keeping everyone safe from the virus. Even though wearing masks was annoying and inconvenient, they protected us and kept us safe.

McKell Leavitt at Dixie High School about how’s COVID has impacted her.

“Last year we had to wear masks and I didn’t like it,” she said.  She also told me she thinks some of her family had COVID but never got tested.

With online school, Leavitt said “it’s easier for me to do school online.”

I think a lot of people would have different opinions with online school.

With COVID being so relevant, everyone is still dealing with it in their own way.

Mask mandates are still being pushed all around America. People are still getting COVID. Some schools are shut down.

We at Dixie High School are very lucky we got to go back to school in August of 2020, we are still lucky to be in school today.